A Change Of Perspective

It has been a long time, okay a long long long time, since I have done a video or post.  I do miss it, and frankly it was a computer crash which wiped all my saves and raw files.  Mass Effect Trilogy got wiped (right after I had proclaimed my intent to finish the trilogy), as did Super Minecraft Adventure (which left us on a cliffhanger) and Skyrim: Immersion (which honestly is probably for the best as the mods had become unstable and ENB was making the brightness of the videos a pain).

I also miss Indie Shot but frankly I think I burned myself out on all videos with my pacing of like 3-5 per week.  Now I do want to get back into video work, but not at the same pace I had.  I felt my pacing was also a major problem with the quality of my content.  I had very little time to work on videos, and I think this showed often in things like Mass Effect Trilogy where I didn't cut away from boring fights, or Indie Shot where I missed parts of a couple games.

I have decided to come back to doing videos, though not at my feverish pace as before.  My goal is one video a week.

I have gotten into Guild Wars 2 and some of my fellow guild members want to work on tutorials and short exploration videos.  Jester and I are looking for a new game to do another Super Minecraft Adventure style series, not for charity this time, or at least not so upfront with it being for charity.  I also have some ideas for series delving into character development in games, and another on highlighting exploration aspects of games.

On top of all this I also plan to continue Indie Shot though I may broaden the focus on games old and new, and not just Indie (so a title change may be in order), but I think the majority will still be indie games as I feel they are too easily lost in the sea of games.

Lastly I am working on a project now in RPG Maker VX Ace, and trying my damndest to stay away from the RTP by using parallax maps and such, so I will do some videos on that project as well.

So I will be back, and I hope you will enjoy the vids.


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