Super Minecraft Adventure: Sunburn Islands - 25 - Finding The Right Path

Episode 25 and we're on the right path it seems, next couple episodes should be interesting...

Super Minecraft Adventure - Sunburn Islands - 24 - Big Box Of Awesome

Episode 24 has us still exploring the seemingly endless caverns beneath the obsidian spires. However, we make a discovery this episode... if only we knew what it meant...


Skyrim: Immersion - 013 - The Start of Something Big

Episode 13 has me finally start the main quest... I just hope it isn't glitched. Next episode should be interesting though as we go for the golden claw... and only the golden claw.

Sunburn Islands 23 - The Diamond Caverns - Super Minecraft

Episode 23 finds us getting a little lost and also swarmed by mobs in the diamond caverns beneath the obsidian spires.


Super Minecraft Adventure: Sunburn Islands - 22 - In Need Of Coal

Episode 22 has us in desperate need of coal and desperate times call for desperate measures... like going back to Dungeon 2 aka Haunted Mines. Also, we want to know what you think of Minecraft 1.3 (yay, communicating with our viewers through the video!) Also, please leave us any feedback on the series. We're approaching Season 3 and we really want to make the series better.