Mass Effect Trilogy - 22 - Tower of Hanoi and Broken Elevators

Time to fix up Peak 15 to get to the Rift Station... but I encounter a big glitch in the game... *sigh* I just can't win.


SMA: Sunburn Islands - 21 - Where Are the Mobs?

Episode 21 presents us with a glut of resources... but creepily enough there not many mobs guarding it, and it's sorta freaking me out. Jester also attempts his first charity plug, it doesn't go to well but I think he'll improve with time.


SMA: Sunburn Islands - 20 - Obsidian Spires

Episode 20 of Super Minecraft Adventure: Sunburn Islands has arrived and we head out past Ssssssphinx to seek a new dungeon... and end up badly freaking out the server. The main question here: is Jester able to use a boat without it breaking on him or killing him?


Indie Shot - 27 - Brainpipe

This ones kinda trippy... also, I'm going to stop recording reviews when sleep deprived (which just made this game weirder).


Skyrim: Immersion - 011 - Carriages and Crowns

Episode 11 starts the Scenic Carriages mod and has me finally deliver the crown to Tullius in Solitude.

Mass Effect Trilogy: From The Beginning - 020 - Bureaucratic Trading Game

I feel like I'm playing an old adventure game: do this and I'll give you this, to do that you need to go talk to this other person who wants you to do this before they will help you with what I need... the only benefit in all this, I get to kill corrupt mercs in the process.

Skyrim: Immersion - 010 - Quest For Fire

Episode 10 has me trying to reach Morthal to take the new carriage system for a spin to reach Solitude faster. However, I almost get hypothermia and find myself with no firewood and no trees to chop down for wood forcing me to seek shelter in a cave... oooo realism!


SMA: Sunburn Islands - 19 - The Last Ghast (I Wish)

Episode 19 has us complete Sky High To Die and then we head back to place the wool on the monument. However, we have not yet filmed Episode 20! Help us decide where to go next! Stay tuned after the episode for the info. Also, since episode 20 isn't filmed yet, any feedback at all is appreciated. We will delay filming of Episode 20 until next Tuesday the 24th so you have until then to get your feedback and comments in. This means no episode this Saturday the 21st, just so that is clear.


Indie Shot - 026 - Ion Assault

SHMUP with ionized fluid mechanics = interesting gameplay... but is it enough?

SMA: Sunburn Islands - 18 - Sky High To Die

We leave Sssssphinx before it kills us in real life to seek out another dungeon, and we find an interesting one to be sure. We will return to Sssssphinx eventually... it has wool inside.


Why We Play Super Minecraft Adventure - What Is... Free The Children?

So why do we punish ourselves by playing the hardest user made maps in Minecraft, the Super Hostile series by Vechs? Why do we go through this week after week?

We do it to raise awareness of a charity that does a lot of good in the world. We do it to entertain people while asking for even one dollar to contribute and help us meet our goal.

It's not about taking care of people completely, it's about getting them the resources to let them take care of themselves with schooling, clean water, and alternative income sources that help people have a sustainable living and higher quality of life all over the world.

SMA: Sunburn Islands - 17 - The Quest For More Dungeons

We finally head out to the open ocean to search for the remaining dungeons in this world.

Skyrim: Immersion - 009 - Onward Towards Solitude

Episode 9 finds us dealing with the terrain and exploration as we travel back towards Solitude. By the time we get back to Solitude I'll have the Carriage mod installed so I will not be travelling back to places on foot (though first travels will be on foot)