SMA: Sunburn Islands - 001 - Tropical Castaways, A New Beginning

Welcome to Season 2 of Super Minecraft Adventure :D Lots of changes, we dropped the title cards (they ruined the pacing) we dropped the Creeper Lord storyline (it was distracting from the charity and was just silly) and we are starting off with 20-25 minute episodes now as opposed to 40.

QUICK INFO: The goal of this fundraiser is $5,000 to build a well in a developing nation and your donation (greater than $10) is tax deductible as Free The Children is a 501c3 charity.
TO DONATE: Use the Chipin widget in the upper right of this site (MysticsUniverse.com). The widget will accept your donation and send it DIRECTLY to Free The Children. Nobody involved with this series, or the website will ever see a single cent of your money.

As mentioned in the video, this series was conceived as a way to entertain people (hopefully) and get the message out about our fundraiser for Free The Children. If you like the series, or wish to help us support the cause, please share the episodes with your friends and family so we can reach more people and hopefully reach our goal of $5,000 by the 15th of March, 2013.

TO DONATE: Use the chipin widget in the upper right of the site. The money you donate via the chipin widget goes directly to Free The Children via their paypal address paypal@freethechildren.com. We never see a dime of it, it never even passes anywhere near us, it goes from you directly to Free The Children's paypal account. Your donation (if over $10) is also tax deductible as Free The Children is a 501c3 charity.

Please donate and spread the word.

For more information on Free The Children please visit their website at http://FreeTheChildren.com

If you wanted the maps in this series you can find them all here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/191908-ctmcollection-vechs-super-hostile-series/

The texture pack is Sphax PureBDcraft and is available from here: http://bdcraft.net/

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