Skyrim: Immersion - 003 - Erandur's Redemption

Episode 3 picks up in Dawnstar where a Priest of Mara named Erandur kinda drags us on a quest into the ruins near the town. It's a bit of a long episode, next time I'll have my timer.

Skyrim: Immersion isn't a series where I change to the way I play the game (I'm not going to be telling a story or going all out like walking everywhere rather than running), rather it is a change of the game itself to make it increase it's own immersion.

Mods used listed here with links: http://bit.ly/J7uf2b

Title music is Living Voyage by Kevin MacLeod and is used under the Creative Commons license (Specifically: CC-BY-30). You can find all his royalty free music here: http://incompetech.com

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