Minecraft: Chamber of the Creators - 004 - Making Lazy People Pay

The fourth episode of Chamber of the Creators has me trying to complete a series of rooms, two of which have explosions and/or lava. I might have also broken the rule of not breaking blocks, but I'm not 100% sure. The puzzles I feel so far have an decent feel to them (tile puzzle from episode 2 being the exception), and aren't blatantly obvious (hit a button above the door to open it) but also aren't frustrating either. Don't know if that will remain the case, but we'll find out.

Check out the thread for Chamber of the Creators on MinecraftForum.net: http://bit.ly/HIw7Iy
Texture Pack is Jolicraft (without MC patcher since I like the default water/lava). Get it at http://Jolicraft.com

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