A Fresh Start (for the blog)

Hello everyone, I've purged all the old posts (Don't worry, I still stand by my agreement with people who donated to the and I am still working on Project: Reborn). I purged the blog mainly because any updates to Project Reborn are going to be through my youtube channel as well as this blog and I figured since I just started on youtube about a month ago I will have to re-explain everything when the time comes. Until then I will also be slowly adding all the videos I've already put on youtube to this blog, one post at a time. All new content should be up here fairly simultaneously as well. Of course, as I said before, I am still working on the game development process and have been making quite a bit of progress on Reborn. However, unless you want to see my massive scripting graphs in uscript I really have nothing to show just yet that would be that interesting.

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