Creepers In The Dark Maze - S01E013 - Super Minecraft Adventure

Something really bad happened down here at some point... kinda begs the question what the heck are we doing down here anyway? Aside from getting lost in a twisty creepy dark maze filled with mobs that is.

Please use the Chipin widget located in the upper right of this site to donate directly to Free The Children and help us keep track of how much we have raised.


Free The Children's primary goals are to free children from poverty and exploitation, and free young people from the idea they are powerless to bring about positive social change.

The charity had done a lot of good in the world:
~Built more than 650 schools and school rooms in Asia, Africa and Latin America, providing education to more than 55,000 children every day
~Delivered over 207,500 school and health kits to students around the world
~Provided access to health care, clean water and sanitation facilities to one million people
~Implemented alternative income projects helping more than 30,000 families

For more information on Free The Children please visit their website at http://FreeTheChildren.com

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